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The 1-Year-Free user licence allows free use of app for up to 1 year and for sending up to 10,000 emails. Offer for a limited time only.

Click here to download for computer with Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system.

Click here to download for computer with Windows 8 operating system.

The 1-Year-Free user licence can be converted to perpetual user licence at any time.

Perpetual licence can be used for sending unlimited emails for unlimited time.

Standard conversion price: RM399 or USD139.

Now at special offer price: RM199 or USD69.

Smart-ad is a Windows desktop app for sending animated email ads for product offer promotion.

Comes with email ads designer that builds email ads with a few simple steps, no special graphic design knowledge is required.

Email-ad format is designed for viewing from smart phone as well as desktop or tablet computer email clients. It displays with animation for devices that support animated-gifs.

No monthly or yearly subscription. A one-time-payment for the user licence allows perpetual use of the app for unlimited sending of email ads with zero sending cost.

Prospective customers can easily subscribe to or unsubscribe from the promotion campaign.

Email addresses that are no longer valid that cause delivery failed can be detected and updated to the contact database.

Contacts can be managed and organised with the flexible contact grouping function.

Emails can be sent out with more than one email accounts to overcome the send limit (number of emails per day, per hour, etc) set by the email service provider.

Swapping of email accounts when the send limit is reached to continue the email sending is automatic.