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CRMplusProduct Functions

Contact Management
Contact Management
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Mail Merge
Mail Merge

Function Highlight

Flexible and easy contact targeting

Personalised or generic SMS

Low SMS cost (from Telco prepaid plan)

Bulk and scheduled SMS

Contacts select from common database

Outgoing and incoming SMS Management

Reports for analysis

Video tutorials for fast and easy learning

   CRMPlus - SMS Marketing

The speed, convenience and cost effectiveness of SMS messages is unrivalled by any other
communication medium. The most important aspect of SMS messages for your business is its unique
ability to reach its audience anywhere. Further, virtually all text messages are read.

Most mobile phone users carry their phones with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so texts are an
excellent way to keep in touch with your customers with regard to promotions, appointments, or
product updates

You can use SMS text messaging to communicate with people, or to advertise products and services.
This innovative service can benefit your company to an unbelievable extent.

CRMPlus SMS software helps you to run SMS marketing efficiently and effectively. The unique feature
of Flexible and  Easy Contact Targeting helps you to select the right  targets to send the SMS  to achieve
maximum  results. You may refer to the “Bulk SMS” video tutorial to learn more about the Flexible and Easy
Contact Targeting feature.

In your database in CRMPlus, you can set the personalised salutation to the contact, CRMPlus will help you to
send out personalised SMS, for those without personalised data, you may choose to just send the message

With the current telephone company prepaid plan, you can enjoy a very low SMS rate (Celcom and Digi, both
offering one sen per SMS for sending SMS to the same operator). CRMPlus Flexible and Easy Contact
Targeting feature helps you select which are Celcom numbers and which are Digi Numbers, so you can
enjoy the best rate ever.

CRMPlus not only allows for personalised bulk SMS, you can also set up SMS schedule, e.g. for birthdays
or reminders and let the system send for you according to the schedule.

CRMPlus comes with contact management, where you keep the contact profiles, etc. This contact database is
for Mail Merge, Email Marketing as well as for this SMS Marketing. So you need to maintain only one contact
database for multi functions.

Not only for blasting out SMS, any replies will also be captured into the system, this is useful for getting
marketing response or feedback from the customer.

Reports are available for analysing the  effectiveness of the SMS marketing, or print out the replies from the

The contact database is an excellent platform where you can organise your contacts into categories or profile
that best suit your SMS marketing strategy.

Like for other functions in CRMPlus, we have also the video tutorials for SMS that helps you master the use of
SMS functions.