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Contact Management
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SMS Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Mail Merge
Mail Merge

Mail Merge

Function highlight

Flexible and easy contact targeting

Built-in template creating tool no external
tool (e.g. MS Word) is required.


Template options - with/without letter head

Template format -rich-text and pictures

Letter and envelop printing

Season Greetings/Birthday Cards Printing

Merge with common contact database

Video tutorials for fast and easy learning

   CRMPlus - Mail Merge

Mail merge is a software function describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers
of) documents from a single template form and a structured data source. This technique is used to create
personalised letters and pre-addressed envelopes for mass mailings from a database mailing list of names
and addresses.

In CRMPlus, the Flexible and  Easy Contact Targeting  feature helps you to select the right  contacts for
merging with the letter templates. You may refer to the “Print Mail Merge Letter and envelop” video tutorial to
learn more about the Flexible and Easy Contact Targeting feature.

Letter templates are created from CRMPlus itself, you do not need to rely on other software tool like Microsoft
Office Words to do the job. Creating letter templates is easy, please refer to “Letter Template” video tutorial to
see how it can be done easily.

The templates can consist of rich text and pictures. There are 10 text and 10 picture elements, all of them can
be move to any location of the template. They allow you to create almost any kind of format you can imagine.

One unique feature for this template is, you can choose to include or exclude letter head. It means, when you
are printing on blank papers, you select to print with letter head. If you print on letter head pre-printed form, you
can select print without letter head.

With the templates ready, you can print the letters as well as envelops from CRMPlus.

Other then letters, you can also print Season Greetings/Birthday Cards by setting the greetings message for
each contact, the salutation and sign-off are merge from the database.

The contact database in CRMPlus is used for SMS Marketing, Email Marketing as well as in this Mail Merge
function. We only maintain one database for the multiple functions.

Like for other functions in CRMPlus, there are video tutorials for Mail Merge for you to master the use of the