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CRMplusProduct Functions

Contact Management
Contact Management
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Mail Merge
Mail Merge

Email Marketing

Function Highlight

Flexible and easy contact targeting

Personalised or Generic Email Salutation

Template format - rich text and pictures

Webpages link to pictures

Contacts select from common database

Zero email marketing blasting cost

Standard eBirthday and eGreetings cards

Video tutorials for fast and easy learning

   CRMPlus - Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back—by using attractive, professional-
looking email communications with text and pictures to stay in regular touch with them and build strong
customer relationships.

Simple text with short sentences makes customer to read the whole mail.

Certain links to pictures can be provided to the customers for helping them to browse the web easily.

Semi-periodical interactions, constant messages to customers help in having a long lasting relationship with the customer.

Mobile phone with data plan that reads email is becoming popular, this will increase the rate of email being
read and thus increase its marketing effectiveness.

CRMPlus SMS software helps you to run Email marketing efficiently and effectively. The unique feature of
Flexible and Easy Contact Targeting helps you to select the right  targets to send the Emails to achieve
maximum  results. You may refer to the “Send Email” video tutorial to learn more about the Flexible and Easy
Contact Targeting feature.

You have the choice of setting the salutation to be personalised or just a generic salutation like “Dear valued
customer”. It is recommended to set the personalised salutation to improve marketing effectiveness.

Email templates created from CRMPlus can have rich text as well as pictures. Pictures can be set easily to link
with webpage, video clip or any URL to gather for readers who seek for more information.

With the templates ready, you may send them to the right target contacts. CRMPlus’ Flexible and Easy
Contact Targeting feature helps to select relevant target contacts fast and easy.

With CRMPlus desktop software, it is absolutely no email blasting cost.

Standard format eBirthday and eGreetings cards are also available, you need only to change the picture and
email them to your contacts

Like for other functions in CRMPlus, video tutorials are available for Email Marketing for fast and easy learning.