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Contact Management
Contact Management
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Mail Merge
Mail Merge

Contact Management

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3 ways of contact grouping

Contact data import from Excel/Outlook

Contact data export to Excel

Activity logging

Contact task setting

Birthdays and tasks alerts

Contact data sync to Outlook

Video tutorials for fast and easy learning

   CRMPlus - Contact Management

Your contact list is growing larger every day, and so are the number of email addresses, phone numbers and
their personal profiles. That means you'd do well to find the best tool for managing your contacts before your
contact list gets out of hand.

The success of any business to a great extent depends on a well-organized contact information, making the
data available for ready reference. Contact management therefore enhances the relationship between
customer and sales life-cycle for the purpose of business growth.

CRMPlus offers 3 ways of grouping contacts, by Category/Sub Category, by Contact Groups and by
Product/Services. You may refer to “Group Contact” video tutorial on how the contacts can be grouped in the 3

Contact group is one of the useful information for select targets for performing SMS marketing, email
marketing , printing of mail merger letters or for contact data exporting.

Contacts information in CRMPlus is stored in your local drive in your computer.  The question of people
stealing your valuable contact data or hack by hackers is not the concerned at all.

Other then standard contact data entry contact by contact, you may import contact data from Excel or
contacts in Microsoft Office Outlook.

For sharing you contact data with others, you may export them to an Excel file. You have the choice of
selecting only the information (fields) required, and use the Flexible and Easy Contact Targeting feature
of CRMPlus to select the required contacts to export.

Email sending, SMS sending and other activities performed by CRMPlus will be logged to each contact,
This provides useful information for referring later for relationship building or making marketing action.

Task can be set for contacts. Alerts for task or birthdays due are standard CRMPlus feature.

You may sync contact information with Microsoft Office Outlook. If you have PDA or smart phone tha syncs
with Outlook, contact data from CRMPlus can be indirectly updated to your PDA or smart phone
This feature is applicable for CRMPlus that has the email function option.

Same for other functions in CRMPlus, video tutorials for Contact Management are available for you to master
the function easily.