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Product Functions

Contact Management SMS Marketing
Email Marketing Mail Merge

      CRMPlus Customer Relationship Management Desktop Software

EZYSOFT SOLUTION is a software developing company for CRMPlus software, which is a desktop CRM
software solution; focusing on Contact Management system that provides you the most efficient and
effective way to manage your contact database.


CRMPlus software consolidates your customer’s information and processes into one, holistic
view of each customer.  It is a highly effective tool to reach, build and maintain rapport
with your client. Not only your product or services will stand out, but CRMPlus software helps
organizations to reduce time to track down information, manage multiple functions
including contact management, mail merge, email marketing and SMS marketing.


CRMPlus software provides a strong foundation for your business to build on and allows you
to get up and running quickly with minimal resources. As your business grows, CRMPlus
software will help you choose the best solution to meet the specific needs of your business.


With a modular range of products, you can choose which CRMPlus software ( Mail Merge, SMS Marketing or Email
Marketing function ) that suits your need the most..